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When the drinking water stays off inside the storage tanks of the boat sit become often polluted by the growth of microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, viruses and others.

From a survey that we made in the nautical sector we have found that the most parts of boats users do not make any treatment to the water and from laboratory analysis, we found that in 6 cases over 10 the water was polluted by microorganism dangerous for the health.

In the few cases where water is disinfect the system normally used is to add a sterilizing chemical into the stored waster such as sodium hypochlorite or another similar chemical in liquid or powder or tablets form.

When adding chlorine the sterilized water has a taste of a chemical more or less strong and the food cooked in such water has often a bad taste due to the chemical disinfectant.

For solving all these problems we supply modern ultraviolet sterilizers which kill instantly any kind of microorganism without adding or removing any chemical.

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MAINTENANCE PRODUCTSchemical products 01

For the proper maintenance of reverse osmosis desalinator we recommend the use of Marinco product that have been conceived just for this type of machine Osmoclean A2 : Detergent based on citric acid and surfactant.

Suitable for removing saline incrustations.
Osmoclean C2: Detergent used to remove from reverse osmosis
membranes oil, grease and organic substances and microbiological layers not soluble into acids


If water to be desalted is turbid or too rich of suspended particles it is advisable a prefiltration using one of our sand filters in order to increase the life of the 5 microns
cartridges placed inside the fine filter.

The sand filter is formed by a RGF column filled with fine sand. The filter is complete of valves for periodical backwash.