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Motor and Sailing Yacht

Desalinators for Motor and Sailing Yacht

Motor & Sailing Yacht

Basic Principle

MARINCO, that has always paid great attention to satisfy the requirements of its customers, ensures top quality products, as it directly manufactures almost all the components of desalinators, using the best materials on the market and employs skilled technical staff.
Furthermore, the long experience acquired thanks to the many plants installed all over the world allow at MARINCO to have a widespread customer service.
Thanks to an extended home and foreign service network, skilled Technical staff and fast intervention, MARINCO ensures a high reliability of its plants. Besides this MARINCO has an on-line service, through the Internet, so guaranteeing 24-hours-a-day prompt answer to answer any assistance problem. Furthermore, thanks to central and programmed maintenance, carried out by skilled technicians, all desalination plants can work uninterruptedly.


When selecting the most suitable model it is very important to know the following data:

  • Daily quantity of water required on board. (Should the client not know this data, it is necessary to know how many people are usually accomodated onboard.
    Practical experience confirmed that consumption is around 15-25 liters a day for sailing boats and 30-40 liters a day for motor-yachts; therefore you must multiply these data by the number of people onboard and will find out the daily consumption).
  • Number of working hours a day of the generator (in the case that desalinator works with 220 Volts) power or the number of working hours a day of the diesel engine ( if the desalinator has a pump matching diesel engine).

The effective capacity required in liters/hour produced by the desalinator will be found by dividing, the liters/day by the hours/day.
Then, choose the suitable model by using the technical desalinator’s table, bearing in mind that nominal capacity is made with new membranes, only NaCI salt, no organic matter, with temperature not lower than 25 °C (75 °F) and no other factors. The effective capacity of a reverse osmosis desalinator of any kind and trademark is normally 20%-50% lower than the published nominal capacity.

Reverse osmosis for water treatment


from 30 l/h up to 400 l/h


Simple desalinator, easy to use, ideal for sports cruisers.
It is made of solid AISI 316 L stainless steel and is extremely enduring , thanks to its dimensions it is suitable for small spaces.
Aquastar is a machine belonging to the new generation that, in the “Plus” version, is fitted with a self-diagnosis system, transmitting data to a control panel.
All Aquastar models can be supplied disassembled, on request.


Aquastar Plus


from 30 l/h up to 590 l/h

Ecopure 300


Equipped with hand-operated valves for STARTING, STOPPING, WASHING and RINSING processes, they are made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and are assembled with the best components found on the market.


Ecopure data 01


from 30 l/h up to 590 l/h


Born from the studies made regarding the employment of these apparatuses in the naval field. It is the smaller version of the plants operating on ships, all over the world, it works thanks to a microprocessor that makes it completely automatic and autonomous in the functioning phase and for every aspect concerning maintenance.

It can be operated also with the onboard PC or by means of a remote control. Industrial pumps and engines are “tropi­calized” and adjusted to work 24 hours a day in small rooms such as the engine room of a motor yacht.



Disassembled components of desalinators are supplied for narrow spaces


All MARINCO desalinators models can be disassembled into pieces which can be later assembled wherever it is best for you, both for overall and weight balance purposes.

kit assemblaggio 1

Membrane Group

L) 1100 mm
H) 200 mm
P) 250 mm

Three-way Valve Plus

L) 120 mm
H) 240 mm
P) 140 mm

Electric Control Panel

L) 270 mm
H) 320 mm
P) 180 mm

Pre-filter Group

L) 400 mm
H) 330 mm
P) 200 mm

Engine Options 220V or 380V.

High Pressure Pump

L) 520 mm
H) 280 mm
P) 340 mm

Engine Options 220V or 380V.

Water Circulating Pump

L) 270 mm
H) 220 mm
P) 420 mm

Engine Magnet Lag

L) 370 mm
H) 470 mm
P) 370 mm