Marinco | Desalination Plant , Reverse Osmosis, Ultrasonic Antifouling.

Progress it’s going on.

To have always water and find water everywhere it’s great and wonderful.

From here start our research to give maximum respect for the environment and human been. The Marinco’s team has developed for his desalinator advanced system.
Example? Few people know that distilled water is not drinkable and it is aggressive and corrosive for piping and ferrous materials.

The right quantity of minerals is essential, for that our machines have on board systems of remineralization and reverse osmosis membranes are chosen for the main purpose and always the best in the world.

During the desalination process, water change his quality, the ph permeate is going down (5-5.5).

Recent studies on the health and wellness have shown that slightly alkaline water doesn’t damage the piping, it is healthy for humans with multiple benefits: for example antioxidant activity.
The reverse osmosis is a membrane process which remove both salts and organic microorganism from seawater.

The purification is process is very simple: under pressure water is filtered through a membrane. The resulting product is called “ permeated”. The water obtained is a fresh water and has been completely sterilized since membranes do not allow single salt molecole pass through, they are even less likely to let bacteria and virus, which have bigger dimensions, penetrate.

The remaining part is more concentrated water, not utilized.
The water quality produced it’s essential when you have to choose a reverse osmosis system: innovation and research are points of our investment as well as the design and implementation of the hardware.
The components are designed to be recyclable up to 98%, in this way when the desalinator will be decommissioned the environment impact will be nearly equal to 0.

To follow the Green Tech philosophy, Marinco units uses energy recovery system to reduce electrical consumption, saving ordinary and extraordinary management, reducing weight and size, saving  transportation cost and more reliable installation.

Green Tech Philosophy

According with the Green Tech policy, for the pre-treatment Marinco doesn’t use softeners, or injectors of caustic soda or hydrochloric acid but biodegradable products to 98% that improve the solutions.

Custom Made

All MARINCO desalinators models can be disassembled into pieces that can be later assembled wherever it is best for you, both for overall and weight balance purposes.

Disassembled components of desalinators are supplied for narrow spaces.

Customer Service.

Thanks to an extended home and foreign service network, skilled technical staff and fast intervention, MARINCO ensures a high reliability of its plants. Besides MARINCO has an on-line service, Through the Internet, so guaranteeing a 24-hours-a-day prompt answer to answer any assistance problem.

Millions of gallons of sweet water produced every day

50 Years Of Experience.

Worldwide Network.

Reverse Osmosis Equipments.

Green Tech technology

The confidence of a big company experienced in the production of reverse osmosis system.



To show why our units are better than competitors, we are going to explain the difference between Marinco and others:

Pre-treatment with Green Products

Marinco desalination plants have a pre-treatment with products specifically designed for such systems and do not use hydrochloric acid or caustic soda
– They are therefore easier to use
– You do not need special rooms to storage  toxic material
– They have the best performance
– They increase the production of the desalination


Green Tech technologies

To follow the Green Tech technologies we have a system of energy recovery
– the system is more performant with a smaller design
– the transportation is less expensive and assembly is faster
– the management and maintenance are lower and the water produced per m³ is cheaper
– it’s technology that is GreenTech respecting the environment and increases its performance
– membranes are innovative and  the salinity obtained is eligible, even with the presence of nanotechnology
– there is a system of re- alkalinization of the water to neutralize the acid solution always based on a physical Green Tech technology



UV System

We use an additional system for water sterilization based on a mechanical physical system by Ultra Violet :
– It increases the life of cartridges filters
– It prevents the formation of bacterial flora in the tubes
– Prevents viruses and bacteria growth which should decreas the production of the permeate


Fully automatic

The machines are fully automatic to facilitates the use and improving safety
– they control pressure, manage start and stop
– they control washing and maintenance
– with PLC and inverter they manage water produced
– all the management with a single command, but in case of need, it is completely manual


Partnerships & consulting

with our items’s suppliers:
– guarantee of innovation and product quality
– we provide technical drawings and certifications

Fresh water rinse system

The systems are designed and have a fresh water rinse system with self-produced water
– we don’t use the  ship’s storage tanks water
– inlet water is safe (chlorinated water is lethal to the membranes)



All In One

Directly on the machine is the tank for the washing of the membranes
– it’s easy to dose products
– the maintenance is much faster
– it has control over the entire operation
– the system is more compact and modular


Custom & Engineering

– Engineers and technicians for inspections and visits to the installation site
– Team that will coordinate with the technical staff-client to  satisfy the requirements of the case

Marinco SDS (self-diagnostic system)

The machine is equipped with the system Marinco SDS (self-diagnostic system)
– check each operation
– manage alarms and maintenance
– they have onboard digital sensors that can go even in manual
– all operations are checked like alarms, produced water quality, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to do a history data
– it can run by remote control , so , not only by the machine can manage all the desalinator but also from another location (ex. engine control room)
– with the data history can be known in advance and schedule maintenance, already knowing the future operating budgets.


Green Ultrasonic



Ultrasonic System

A few things about Ultrasonic…



The Green Tech technology of ultrasonic is the use of high frequency waves in the sectors: shipbuilding, offshore and industrial to treat work and in full respect of nature.



A generator produces electrical energy at high frequency, transducers converts sound waves of high frequency.



Ultrasound spread in the flow causing “cavitation“, it means that millions of microscopic bubbles are formed and destroyed violently.