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Leading manufacturer

Desalination plants with reverse osmosis systems for naval and civil sector as well as developers of Ultrasonic Antifouling System.

Since 1978

We have constantly invested in the technical research to give to our customer desalinators extremely reliable, technologically advanced and with maintenance costs most competitive.

About Marinco - Desalination Plants

Marinco is a well known producer of desalination plants for naval,

nautical and civil sector since 1978

Since 1978 Marinco has constantly invested in the technical research to give to our customer, desalination plants extremely reliable, technologically advanced and with maintenance costs most competitive. Is experienced in manufacturing Reverse Osmosis Systems and more than 7000 machines have been produced and sold all over the world through a network of qualified Agents. Presently Marinco  is regarded as one of the leading companies of the water treatment industry in the world.

Many of faithful clients between shipyards, nautical and residential sector constitute a reference of which we are proud.

Marinco has been for many years considered the leaders in this sector and the increasing investments effected in the naval sector has given further impulse to the activity of the Marinco.
We provide Reverse Osmosis System up to 1000 m³/day. Full automatic with recovery energy they are extremely compact with low maintenance.

We can also provide Ultrasonic System which can be used for a variety of applications but since 1965 we have supported and developed only a few sectors, the industrial sector (based mainly on washing), the offshore and shipbuilding (mainly based on antifouling system and pre- refining of heavy naphtha and/or oil).

ULTRASONIC ANTIFOULING SYSTEM it is already widely used and tested.

Marinco Ultrasonic Green Technologies is a continuos and partnership of Marin founded (1965) from Dr. Carlo Cavicchi. The main sector and application was and are for industry, pharmacy and naval application. At the moment they have developed, installed and researched this technologies for antifouling and fuel environment.

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President Marinco

Gabriele Cavicchi

General Manager for administration, construction, production and dealer’s network.
CEO of Marinco branch in the world.
Responsable and research of new Green line Technologies for water treatment.
General Manager task forces for rescue and human help assistant (Kenya mission, Christian mission and school, partner in Eritrea elementary school)


World Wide Service

Marinco is able to provide its services in every part of the world.

Here where we have already been working and where we are currently working with Desalination Plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Wastewater Treatment and Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems.

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